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CULTURA is a not for profit organization dedicated to promoting Latino, Latin American and Caribbean cultures through educational and multicultural programming, community outreach & engagement, cultural events & activities for the families, all ages, and diverse communities. CULTURA is for everyone, activating spaces for integration while placing value to Latino identities, cultural heritages and ancestry.

CULTURA supports Latino Cultural Groups and Cultural Brokers, and shares cultura using participatory, accessible, and experiential approaches, while strengthening identities, collective and self esteems. 

CULTURA advances social and economic equity and wellbeing for Latinos by building upon our heritage strengths and cultures, uplifting our communities, and activating leadership for systemic change. CULTURA is encouraging a generation of proud Latino Leaders and Contributors who are confident of who they are to help them excel in their life journeys, as families, and cause a positive impact by using their culture as their asset.

Let’s embolden the power of CULTURA!


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